Install a Polyaspartic Concrete Coating in 3 Easy Steps!

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Our installation process commences during the initial site visit to your property. Our team of seasoned sales personnel will conduct a comprehensive examination of your floor, with the aim of identifying any potential issues such as concrete moisture, cracks, or oil, which may require specialized treatment. We understand the importance of providing you with a robust warranty, and as such, we commit to installing your coating only after any such issues have been completely resolved. Furthermore, we are pleased to offer this consultation completely free of charge, as part of our unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional service.

Concrete Inspection and Preparation

Before applying a floor coating, we need to prepare your existing concrete slab. The top layer, called "cream," needs to be lightly ground or shotblasted to expose the aggregate beneath. This allows the coating to adhere properly. We use advanced, dustless equipment to minimize any dust and keep your home clean. Our process captures about 95% of any dust generated and we thoroughly vacuum and clean any surfaces that are not masked off.

Common Concrete Issues

  • Concrete Cracking
    At Perkins Custom Coatings, we use advanced concrete crack repair technology to fix any cracks before installing your floor coating. Our products are eco-friendly, fast-curing, and provide long-lasting repairs. Although they won't prevent future cracks, they're highly effective in stabilizing existing ones. So, whether it's a minor or major crack, we've got you covered.
  • Moisture Issues
    At Perkins Custom Coatings, we understand the importance of addressing moisture issues in older southern California homes. Without a vapor barrier, moisture can cause visible defects and even lead to premature floor coating failure. That's why we use a range of products that serve as effective moisture and vapor barriers beneath our polyaspartic coatings. Our moisture warranty sets us apart from other local companies and ensures you're protected from moisture-related failures. Don't wait until it's too late - choose Perkins Custom Coatings for a moisture-free flooring solution.
  • Oil & Grease Contamination
    Perhaps the most common situation we run across during an floor coating installation assessment is the presence of oil and grease. Fortunately, there are some very strong and powerful degreasers and emulsifiers that can soak into a oily or greasy floor and lift the oil and grease to the surface within a few hours. These products are 100% non-toxic, do not have any strong odors harmful VOCs and work quickly.

Concrete Coatings

Prime Coat
We apply a tinted prime coat to the prepared concrete slab, which allows our polyaspartic materials to bond properly.
Polyaspartic Coats
After the final coats of polyaspartic, your new floor will be available for light foot traffic within 1-2 hours. You can drive your car on the floor 24 hours later. The polyaspartic will continue to cure over the next 28 days, but it exhibits excellent resistance against hot tire pickup within just 24 hours.
Done in 24 Hours
Next, we apply 1-2 coats of 100% solid polyaspartic over the colored chips. These chips come in 16 different colors and sizes, and are specially designed to be UV stable.

Color Options

Chip Colors

Light Granite vs Dark Granite
color sample

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