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Epoxy Hall Of Shame

If you are in the market for a new floor coating for your home garage or industrial/commercial floor, there are a wide variety of choices of products and applicators available to you and unfortunately, the many choices can get very confusing.  However, the primary question that we get asked all the time is what makes SpartaFlex (a polyaspartic/polyurea) so much better than epoxy coatings, which have dominated the floor coating market over the past 50 years?

Perkins Custom Coatings is southern California’s premier installer of high-quality garage floor coatings.  Since we opened our coatings division a couple of years ago, we have installed more garage floor in San Diego, Riverside, Imperial and Orange Counties than any other contractor in this market.     

A significant number of our sales have come from folks who either currently own an epoxy floor that is yellowing, peeling, chipping or fading, or know someone who does.  Fortunately for these homeowners, we have been able to grind off a failing epoxy floor relatively easily and install a beautiful new SpartaFlex floor for them every single time.   Yet, we still get questions all the time about what makes our SpartaFlex so much better than epoxy.

Instead of going into detail about each of these floor “rescues”, we thought it would be more helpful to show pictures of some of the “shameful” epoxy floors that we have seen over the past couple of years:

This is a garage in La Jolla with a 5+ year old professionally epoxy floor.  When we first visited the project site, the epoxy coating was coming up in sheets.The company that installed the floor had been out of business for several years and was obviously unable to provide any warranty coverage for the homeowner.

Epoxy Garage floor in San Diego professionally installed 3+ years ago.  The epoxy was coming up in sheets.

This is a 5+ year old epoxy floor in La Mesa.  Homeowner had this floor professionally installed.

This is a 3+ year old epoxy floor in College Area of San Diego.  Professionally installed.

Home Depot installed floor coating in Orange County, CA.  2 years old.

3+year old  epoxy floor failing in Del Mar.  Professionally installed.

Professionally installed epoxy floor in Carlsbad, 3+years old.

“Do it yourself” epoxy floor installation in Carmel Valley.  Less than 2 years old.

Professionally installed epoxy floor in San Clemente.  4+ years old.

“Do It Yourself” floor from Home Depot.  Installed less than 3 years ago.

Same floor from Home Depot kit. The concrete was acid washed.  Note the damage to the concrete from the acid wash.  Acid was is no longer considered to be an acceptable means of floor preparation.  If someone gives you a bid to install a new floor for you and they want to acid wash your floor in order to prepare it to accept the coating, RUN, don’t walk away as fast as you can!!!!!

Epoxy floor coating professionally installed with a “UV inhibitor”. This part of the floor was outside the garage door (this is North facing garage too) and yellowed, peeled& chipped within 3 years. So much for UV inhibitors (they wear off over time leaving your
coating without any protection….)

This is a professionally installed epoxy floor coating in Irvine. The homeowner had a carpet put down in their garage under their exercise equipment and had the carpet removed for cleaning. The UV from the florescent lights in the garage caused the epoxy to yellow like this in 3 years.

Please don’t make the same mistake these homeowners did. Poor quality epoxy floors, even when professionally installed like some of these were, may save you a little money (probably very little) in the short term, but obviously, in the longer term, they were a very poor investment by these homeowners. Do It Yourself floors can also be attractive in the short term due to their low upfront cost. However, they just don’t last.

Don’t let your floor end up in the Epoxy Hall of Shame. Call Perkins Custom Coatings at
1-866-330-1DAY to schedule a free estimate for a beautiful SpartaFlex floor!


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